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Anti-Racism Project

The project focused on working on anti-racism strategies with women in immigrant communities.

Information Technology Project

The project focused on training Non-English Speaking Background (NESB) and refugee women on how to use the internet. As well as the development of a web-site for Speakout and the training of a pool of women on web design.

Older Women and Abuse Project

A community education project focusing on increasing the skills of community leaders and workers in two ethnic communities to improve service delivery to older NESB women experiencing abuse.

Living from a Suitcase: arts project

This project worked with immigrant & refugee women from non-English speaking background ina migration cultural project and are interested in sharing their experience.

Living Without Violence Exhibition

A Visual Art Exhibiton by Women of Western Sydney Living Without Violence 2000 is the second art exhibition by women of Western Sydney.
The idea for the exhibition was conceived in 1999 by members of the Western Sydney Regional Violence Reference Group.