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A Community Development Support Expenditure Scheme (CDSE)
Project funded by the Burwood City Council and Clubs NSW


This short-term (6 months) project aims to assist CALD women gain a minimum level of qualification in order to do volunteer work and eventually obtain a paid job. IWSA consulted the Centrelink Personal Adviser on the program. The Personal Adviser introduced the training to CALD women receiving Centrelink payments who need to do some form of volunteer work as a pathway to a paid job in the future. There was interest in undergoing the training shown by some Centrelink payment recipients, and at this time, this is still under consideration.

Through Selina Rebel – the Locum Community Worker for the Turkish Welfare Association (also a TAFE student in placement at Speakout) - IWSA discussed the training with the Turkish Women’s Group which meets once a week at the Burwood Community Welfare Services Centre. The Turkish Women’s Group is composed of women aged over fifty years old and most of them look after their grandchildren. Domestic violence figured as a major concern for most of them.

On 25th June 2004, IWSA held a Workshop on Domestic Violence for the Turkish Women’s Group at the Burwood Community Welfare Services Centre. The workshop commenced with a Turkish-language video on Domestic Violence produced by Speakout. This documentary on Turkish women who experienced DV showed how they took action to change their situation. The video moved the participants deeply. Many in the group said that they did not know about DV and the video has provided ideas on how to help their daughter experiencing DV. The video will also help them in educating their grandchildren about DV. Participants said that they should have known about this video and about

DV while they were still married and that they should show this video

to their children. One of the participants had discussions with Speakout staff and she sought help for her daughter who is experiencing DV.

The workshop on domestic violence provided them information and understanding of the impact of domestic violence on children. Participants recommended that Speakout undertake similar workshops on domestic violence for women from other CALD background groups residing in Burwood and nearby suburbs. Following the recommendation, Speakout will be holding workshops on domestic violence in partnership with other CALD women’s group in the near future.

Thank you to Selina Rebel -TAFE Student in Placement and Nubia Quiazua, Speakout volunteer, for their support in implementing the first phase of the project.